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Motorola e4 Totally Unscientific Battery Test!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Battery Life like crazy!

After having this phone for a little over a week and never getting it below 50% battery with some pretty heavy usage I decided to see what it would take to kill the battery.  What follows is my totally completely unscientific battery test for the Moto e4.  

I set the Brightness to 50% turned on wifi, and tuned to the live stream of the International Space Station on youtube.  I figured this was optimal video viewing conditions.  

The only hiccups were that I forgot to leave a light on for when it got dark and there was a small earthquake in the afternoon so the phone fell down.  (Darn injection oil and gas wells, but that's another blog) 

Anyway see for yourself.

It finally dies after around 10 hours!  That is some darn good battery life.

Stay tuned!