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Music on the Note 10+ with Samsung Music

Sprint Product Ambassador

So, several phones back (LG V-series actually) the phone makers decided that sound quality was important to their customers and they started including high-end digital to analog converters, supporting lossless compression audio and more.  I found an excellent test track from Alan Parsons, legendary producer and musician.



SmartSelect_20190828-125417_Samsung Music.jpgFrom HDTracks you can purchase the 2012 remastered version of 'I, Robot' in 352kHz/24bit lossless compression - for reference, a CD is 44.1khz, 16 bit.  Each track takes up about as much space as a complete CD, even encoded with FLAC.  But for a truely deep view into the master  sound of the track, I have never found anything to compare.  Most apps had trouble decoding such a massive file except VLC.  Today I tried the Samsung Music player, which has a much nicer interface than VLC.



SmartSelect_20190828-152419_Samsung Music.jpgFirst, the Samsung Music player, available in the Galaxy Store, found all of my music on the phone in an instant - all the HD tracks, and all the various MP3 files I've collected.  They were quickly organized by artist, track, album and cover art came through where available nicely.


Second, the Samsung Music player had zero problems playing the massive files from I, Robot; amazing sound quality, fast playback, good integration with the OS, and a great resizable widget, from 1x5 to full screen showing upcoming tracks and more.


Screenshot_20190828-131803_One UI Home.jpgSamsung Music Widget on Note 10I've found a new favorite music player - and am thoroughly impressed with the sound quality from the Samsung Note 10+!


- Will England


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