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My First Thoughts with The Moto E5 Plus

Community Manager



What's up Community!  @Em_Will_I_Am here taking off the Community Manager hat and replacing it temporarily with the Sprint Product Ambassador hat.  This is my first time wearing this hat and I must say, I LOOK GOOD!




Here is the disclaimer, I am a flagship phone type of guy.  Currently, I am rocking a Google Pixel 2 XL and cannot wait for the launches of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Pixel 3.  Give me all the bells and whistles and we are in business.  This is the E line from Moto, which is like the entry level.  If memory serves, the line goes E, G, X, Z from good to best.  I'm sure some Moto fanboy will correct me if that's incorrect.  With that said, I have to be careful not to measure this device against flagship devices because it would be a very unfair assessment.  It's like comparing me to @fireguy_6364. I win!  Oh, one more disclaimer, this will not be an in-depth review.  It's only my kneejerk reaction out of the box with minimal usage.  Those will come later.  Got it?  Good?


First thing I noticed when I pulled the device out the was heavy!  To me it was very noticeable, so much so I gave it to a friend of mine and he said, "This has heft!  Something that these phones out now don't have."  Ok, I will give him that, but keep in mind I have a Pixel XL.  I had to look it up and the Moto E5 Plus weighs 200g, while my Pixel 2 XL comes in at 175g.  So, it's a good reason I noticed the weight difference.


Now, I will say, I am in love with the battery!  I will sacrifice weight for battery life any day.  I'm almost positive the increase in weight is due to the massive 5000mAh battery.  The first thing that greets you Capture.PNGafter you open the box is a sticker on the phone touting the big battery.  I literally rolled my eyes when I saw the 1.5 days of battery life promised.  Well, folks, I am here to tell you it delivered.  I tried to kill it!  Streamed everything under the sun, DirecTV Now at work, Spotify in the car, and Netflix at home.  The battery actually lasted a day and a half.  The subsequent days when it was used regularly, it lasted all day without issue.  I've been in the device game for some time and I do not ever recall a phone with a 5000mAh battery.  I'm told there is one, but do not recall the name.  I am a fan of just the battery alone.


It came with a clear plastic case.  I'm not sure why for it does not provide any protection and it cheapens the device by making it feel plastic.  I foregone the case.  I'm not a fan of cases anyway. All my phones are naked!!


To sum up, so far so good.  It is heavy but has heft.  The battery is awesome.  And it has a weird, unnecessary case.  I will use it as a daily driver and report back with more.  For those who are unfamiliar with the device, check it out:


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