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My final write up on the LG G6..Possibly

After using this phone for a while now I mus say it is an impressive phone. Things i have noticed~ I can pull in signal in areas I never could before and hold it. The usual problem areas are still problems but for the areas where it was always on the boarder this phone pulls that signal in like a boss. GPS is still holding strong and allowing Smart Settings to unlock my device in my usual problem areas due to reception blocking type things..seriously loving this about it so far. Now that I am thinking about it I dont believe I have ran into any actual issues with this phone so far..usually you will run into a hiccup here and there with new devices but for the life of me I cant l think of a single time anything non normal has happened. Being a HTC fanboy this phone has impressed me and has opened my eyes to going outside of my usual jaunts and actually thinking about NON HTC devices Smiley Happy . Until next time this is Fireguy signing off....For now Smiley Very Happy