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NYC Bike Ride with my S8 Plus and a Gear 360 Camera

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hi folks, First time using the S8 Plus with the Gear 360 camera and Gear 360 App.


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the camera was super easy to connect to the Galaxy S8 after downloading the compatible Gear 360 App from the Google Play Store.

Turn on Bluetooth on your S8, Open up the app, Turn on your Gear 360 and hold the menu button to put it into pairing mode.

Tap 'Connect to Gear 360' and allow the app permissions. From there the app is pretty simple.

You can change from 360° to 180° for camera or videos...


Don't forget to put in an SD card!


Here' s my first video taped ride down the East Side of Manhattan, NY - 6/28/2017. The stabilization issues aren't the fault of the camera - I had the camera mounted to a standard mount on my handle bars. The East River Esplanade is bumpy in a lot of places, and when going faster cause the handles and camera to bounce.  I also happened to pump up the tires that morning, providing a stiffer ride... bad idea.

Next vid will be done with a helmet mount instead. I have a feeling I'll get a smoother video.


Some bits are a bit smoother where I'm not hitting the bumps so much. 


1 hour taping used about 48% of my S8 battery with GPS, Bluetooth and NFC turned on and the screen on 75% so I could see some of what I was recording. The screen stayed on the entire time.

Battery of the Gear also used about 50%. Not bad for 1hr+




Interested in knowing more about the Galaxy S8 Plus or the Gear 360 camera?  Ask me! 


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Sprint Product Ambassador

Great Blog and video! 

Sprint Product Ambassador

Thanks Smiley Happy