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Netflix + Dolby Vision HDR = LG G6



What is Dolby Vision? (source)




"Dolby Vision, in basic terms, is an end-to-end production process, from the content creation right through to mastering and then you viewing it at home. Because it's an end-to-end process, the metadata in each frame can be dictated by Dolby and then compatible equipment can read it and understand it exactly how it was meant to be. It means you'll get the best possible viewing experience."


Netflix recently announced it was adding HDR video to Android and the LG G6 is one of the devices that will support it. And boy do I have to tell you that I was skeptical at first, until, I did a comparison and WOW what a difference between a regular HD show and one that supports Dolby Vision. One of the shows I've found on Netflix that supports Dolby Vision is "Daredevil", and it's amazing how clear, crisp, & vibrant the video is and I'm not one to watch an entire show on a phone when I have a high-end 55" 4k tv at home but I found myself connecting my earbuds and sitting outside and watching on my G6.  My only complaint, and it's with Netflix, is that they don't have (at the moment) the ability to download shows with Dolby Vision so you are stuck having to have a good connection in order to watch them. I hope this changes as I can see a lot of value in being able to have offline support of the Dolby Vision content.


Unfortunately, screenshots really don't it any justice here and it will have to be one of the things you'll need to see for yourself. However, here is a short screenshot of some of the content available Dolby Vision:


If you are someone who watches a lot of content on your mobile device, you will not be disappointed. It's really impressive how much better the PQ is with content that supports what the G6 can handle.... It definitely gets my stamp of approval.... err... not that, that means anything but hey... you know... Smiley Very Happy


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i watch Netflix pretty much daily on my this one i will have to check out on my lunch break and see if there are any other shows that are capable as of yet..i tend to break out the phone while BBQING at home and or while on my half hour lunch break..or while the GF and the kiddos are shopping Smiley Very Happy