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New LG G8 - Tons of new features, does it help?

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG is still in the Smartphone race and really coming up with new features to stay relevant. With that in mind, LG recently launched the G8 (now available on Sprint) with lots of new ways to interact with the device that has not been used with other Androids before. Is that enough to make the G8 stand out? We will find out.


But first, LG came out swinging with a couple of really interesting features that I would like to emphasize.

Unlike the V40 and V50, where the notch included the earphone for calls (and stereo speakers), they decided to implement the speaker inside the screen. Calling it the "Crystal Sound OLED Speaker Screen" LG is claiming that they have improved the overall sound quality and made the in call experience superior. 


Another feature they launched is the HandID - Another biometric technology for unlocking your device. The idea is for the front cameras to detect your vein patters in your hand as a unique method to unlock your phone calling it "Your Hand is the Password". Quite interesting.


Finally - something that has been tried in the past by other companies and dropped later, Hand commands or gestures which allow you to interact with the device using hand motions without touching the phone. I recall the Samsung S3 trying a few things similar and I really liked them. I will have to come back and talk about how well they worked for me.


Go ahead and tell us if you had any luck trying these new features below. Until next time


-- Your Product Ambassador Team