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Note 10+ - How does it compare with its older brother

Sprint Product Ambassador

So Note 10 is out, you probably had the Note 9, or someone you know, like in your fam, and you want to convince them to upgrade so you could get their Note 9? Sounds like a normal family hand me down situation. So lets quickly go over a quick comparison to see how similar or different these 2 are shall we?


Physical Size:

Note 10+ and 9 are relatively same size. The key different is the actual screen size, see below. Yet the Note 10+ is 5 grams lighter





Note 10+ has the largest screen size in the "Note" series. 9 is at 6.4" while the 10+ is 6.8". yet the physical size is literally millimeters larger, I cannot tell the difference.



Another area the Note 10+ excels is default storage. The default on the 10+ is 256GB, while the Note 9 is 128GB. Both have a 512GB option, and SD Card support. The Note 10 unfortunately does not...



Its simple, every year, you ought to expect an upgrade, so the Note 10+ has the latest Snapdragon 855, Note 9 has 845, no biggy. In real life use for day to day activities, you won't see a difference. Ram wise, the 10+ got extra 4GB so enjoy....



Now this is where things get interesting. The 10+ has 3 rear facing cameras, Ultra-Wide, Standard/Wide and Telephoto plus a depth sensor. I won't go into the details on which is which, most of you know, so it's cool. It's older sibling has 2 rear facing cameras (no ultra-wide angle). The Note 10+ cameras are known to have the best low light capability. If that is your thing, Note 10+ is the way to go



The cool new feature this year was the front, in-display sensor for fingerprint/biometric security. The Note 9 had it in the back. I personally am not really sold on this new tech. It works most of the time. But I had gotten quite comfortable with the back sensor and didn't really see a point to move it in the front. But its still cool.



The colors on the Note 10 are just amazing. The new Aura technology for painting the glass is just awesome! Take a look:



So for those in fam trying to decide how to get the hand me down, here are some of the facts, enjoy and good luck!


-- Your Product Ambassador Team