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Note 10+ New camera features, its about time!

Sprint Product Ambassador

So this blog isn't about camera lens or megapixels, etc. This blog is going to be short and to the point. It is about time we can use our Samsung Note 10+ Camera to scan QR codes directly off the app, without any Bixby or Google Lens addons. There are 2 ways to do this:


1st by going to your top menu area and finding the QR Scanner button:




This will invoke the camera app and you can scan away.


2nd way is to just open the camera app, and make sure the option on the bottom right called the screen optimizer is on. It will detect a QR code and viola you are on your way.


The second feature, which is actually my favorite, is the built in document scan option. Basically, just like above, open the camera app, and hover your phone over the document and it will detect, and setup the scan perimeter and show a yellow scan button in the middle. Tab Scan and it will produce really good quality scans for any document.


You can also do AR Doodle and 3D scans but they do need companion apps aka add-ons, so I will bring them up later.


Until Next Time


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Sprint Product Ambassador

Nice - Bixby vision was having the worst time with QR codes; now with the optimizer (or direct scanner) they pop quickly and correctly!