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Note 8 is Truly Safe

Sprint Product Ambassador



Is the Note 8 truly safe?


Samsung and the Note series had to make some changes in order to make the Note 8 appealing enough to get those who are fearful of the brand due to the misfortune of the previous generation. So far after all my usage, I have noticed the phone get very hot after several continuous hours of using but I would not say that it got hotter than any previous phones I have tested. So what exactly did Samsung change to bring safety back to their brand. One of the biggest thing that they have begun implementing is an eight-point quality control safety analysis check. Another significant change is the size of the battery that the Note 8 comes with instead of coming with a 3500mAh battery they slightly reduced it to 3300mAh. Samsung did not spare any expense in creating four new testing facilities and employ over 700 engineers. Although the battery was minimized the current battery still offers a good long lasting time of fun video watching or gaming. Despite the continued concerns and the struggle Samsung is enduring to build trust and gain consumers, they are still amongst the top runners in the flagship phones. One of the downsides to all these improvements is that Samsung and providers have to charge an insanely expensive price to bring a quality product that with all intense and purposes is more of a remix than an original. The Note 8 is unquestionably an amazing device and thankfully a safe one now if Samsung could find a more affordable delivery method so more could enjoy.


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