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OnePlus 7 Pro - 5G and that crazy fast speed.

Sprint Product Ambassador

OnePlus 7 Pro - 5G and that crazy fast speed.




Let me start out by stating Sprints OnePlus 7 Pro is a 5G capable phone as it is built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem. When I got the Oneplus 7 Pro 5G I already knew I would be limited to 4G speeds as 5G had not been released in my market yet.  Luckily, I stumbled into an area that was in a pre-phase roll-out and 5G was operation and sure enough I was connected. I decided to give this network a test to see what I had available and was I impressed, yes I was.  


If you are not sure what 5G is do not worry not many do.  Some look at 5G as the same as 4G it is just the next step up right, WRONG. 5G is not a step in terms of technology it is more of a leap. It is like going from walking on the street to speeding in a car. The difference in technology creates a jump in so many areas it is not just about the speed. Its goal is to of course increase bandwidth, but also reduce latency, improve system capacity, and reduced power consumption.


Bandwidth of course is the key aspect to 5G though it is not the basis for the advancement alone. With 4G speeds connections can theoretically reach up to 100Mbps, this is theory and in reality I have seen times where I have obtained up to 50Mbps, but on average get between 5-30Mbps depending on my location to the tower connected (distance) and the testing server.


Latency will be the key in 5G. Latency is different the bandwidth. Latency is how fast the data travels from one spot to another and then a response is sent back. It is expressed in Milliseconds. Latency is dependent on the bandwidth available the distance your traveling and how congested the network is.  When downloading a music album or game, latency will play into how fast you can download the game. With 4G latency is typically around 50ms but with 5G expected latency will be closer to 20ms. This low latency allows for application with low tolerance levels to now be utilized on the wireless network while before they had to be hardwired. 


System capacity is based on network abilities with each carrier and their setup. With Sprint the network is increasing from 4 transceivers to now incorporate 64 in the same build-out. Each transceiver will be able to directly aim its signal at the specific people/devices. This will allow an increase in capacity by over 10 times more. Finally, reduce power consumption won’t really be seen on consumer devices but in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) device. These IoT devices will be greatly enhanced as 5G will allow connectivity with lower battery use. There by allowing devices to sustain connectivity for longer periods without needing to replace or recharge of their batteries.  


As stated, my area has not rolled out 5G yet, but I happened to stumble on a pre-phase roll-out and was able to connected and test. I utilized the standard speedtest application and ran it a couple of times.  The latency was around 27ms and the download speed was close to 400Mbps while the upload was limited to only 6Mbps. This is by design as Sprint main focus at the moment is an increased download. This speed blows my home network speed by 4 times. This is absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait for it to roll out everywhere. 


Screenshot_20190929-145120.jpg Screenshot_20190929-145105.jpg


The screen captures above appear to be throwing users off due to the capture showing I am in a 4G area. These captures are from the history tab in the application. Here is a capture at the time of the test showing I am on the 5G network.




Now what does this all mean for me. All these changes and advancements make way for a more connected society. I do not mean connected as in more people with phones. I mean connected as in your entire house including refrigerator, tv, dishwasher, lights, etc. How about from your work environment may include network equipment, lighting, cameras, etc. Now think about outside of the homes and business including cars, traffic lights, street lights, to even the roads and motor ways. This next-gen 5G network is going to be a leaping point for the next phase in our society and become a truly connected life.  


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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