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OnePlus 7 Pro - Fnatic Mode (Gaming Mode)

Sprint Product Ambassador

OnePlus 7 Pro - Fnatic Mode (Gaming Mode)




If you never heard of Fnatic (like me) then you are probably not a full fledge gamer but maybe just a casual one, or none at all.  All true gamers may have seen or heard of Fnatic. Fnatic was created to help drive professional esports and become the best team at winning. Fnatic gaming squads look to be the best in their competitive gaming leagues. Through their teams they have become a recognized brand name worldwide as their teams have won numerous world championships across multiple games. In a partnership with OnePlus Fnatic teams have helped to shape the device to the ultimate mobile gaming platform. 


Fnatic Mode is created to turn the phone into an ultimate gaming device. In three ways; 1st aggressive CPU focus, all cores on the Qualcomm 855 chip are being focused solely on game play. 2nd reducing of lag, while Oneplus 7 Pro cannot make the internet connect faster it can limit all the background applications from utilizing the bandwidth; and 3rd, advanced Do-Not-Disturb (DND) feature drastically reducing all notifications. 




This feature typically is accessible in your menu bar. Swipe down and select gaming mode to enable.

When gaming mode is turned on this will auto optimize the CPU, GPU, and RAM.  To take advantage of the true Fnatic mode you still need to turn on Fnatic mode. Click the radial next to Fnatic mode to enable it. Once enabled this will put in place the 3 added benefits blocking notifications, restricting background apps, and improve latency. Settings for Fantic mode are already pre-configured to be the best but you can still optimize them based on your current needs. While still on the same fnantic menu you can see what features are enabled to make changes disable Fnatic mode scroll down and select "More Settings" this will open the gaming Mode setting menu also can access by navigating to Settings/Utilities/Gaming Mode. 




While in the settings menu the following options are available:

Answer calls via speaker (off by default)

How to show notifications (set to block by default)

Notifications for 3rd party calls (enabled by default)

disable auto brightness (enabled by default)

gaming display enhancement (off by default)

haptic feedback enhancement (off by default)


automatically turn on gaming mode for applications. Here you can choose games or even applications to enable gaming mode by default. 




I turned on and played a few games with game mode enabled. I even enabled answers calls by speaker and had a conversation while playing a game. Though it was a little distracting to carry a conversation while trying to actively play. It can be done. When I enabled Fnatic mode the high quality Do-Not-Disturb feature I think is my favorite no notifications at all. Even when calls came in, they were ignored.  Wonder if it is similar to the regular do-not-disturb function cause when the regular DND feature is enabled you can restrict calls/message/events/alarms etc. as well. I believe the advanced feature in the gaming mode simply activates a core google feature already available.  They are just making it more incorporated to a gaming experience. good on them. My 2 cents, though once you exit a nice feature to see pop up is maybe something showing the number of missed calls/notifications that came in while this feature was enabled.  Otherwise you will have to remember to swipe down and look at your notification bar and check. 


Overall, I am very pleased with this added feature created in a joint venture between Oneplus and Fnatic team of expert gamers. If you are a series gamer and never had a truly great mobile gaming experience, then this is the phone and feature for you. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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