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PSA: HTC 5G Hub Saved Our Family Vacations

Sprint Product Ambassador

Ended up having a really busy summer and didn't take any road trips until the last few weeks. We took the kids on 2 different - 2 night trips to 2 different states in less than a week.

So glad for the HTC 5G Hub, it was a game changer. 


1st trip was to a cabin in Eastern Michigan. The place had WiFi, but we quickly found out that it was not strong enough for 2 kids binging Netflix shows on their Kindles and 2 parents surfing the web on their phones. Lag time was noticeable. I turned on the HTC 5G Hub, and voila - none of us complained!  Now the place we were was in a fairly strong 4G signal from Sprint, so those of us on Sprint phones would have been fine - was nice to not have to use data though. And for the kids, having the Hub as a hotspot was great. 


2nd trip was just an hour away - and at a hotel that also had Wifi, but the kids insisted in bringing "their" Hub as the data strength was just that strong. And it was nice to have private internet access since I ended up having to do some work on my laptop too. But that wasn't the best part -- the portability of the Hub was how it saved our vacation: 


That one hour trip both on the way there and the way back ended up being over 2 hours with rain and construction. And we were stuck both times in non moving traffic on the expressway. With the HTC 5G Hub though the kids turned it on, then accessed the hotspot to watch Netflix on their Kindle. Trust me, hearing a Disney TV show from the back seat versus "you're on my side" and "when will we get there" was fantastic. 


So thinking ahead to the holidays: The HTC 5G Hub is selling for $600 now, or $25 a month on a 24 month installment. It's a $60 plan. 


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