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Pixel 3a Feature: Call Screening

Sprint Product Ambassador

Like most people, I tend to get several spam/telemarketer calls during the week. In the past, i would request to be placed on their ‘Do Not Contact’ list or I would register at the National Do Not Call Registry. While both of those options are good, I find that I don’t always have the time or patience so I screen my calls by sending them to voicemail. Now that I have the Google Pixel 3a, that’s all changed. 


Call Screening.pngGoogle Call ScreeningRecently I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. Like most phones, I had the option to answer or decline the call. However, I also noticed a third option called ‘Screen Call’. I was curious what this did, so I selected this option. As I did this, the familiar Google Assistant screen came up with a dialog box indicating what was being said to the caller, in this case, that I was using a call screening service was being used and asked the caller for their name and why they were calling. Shortly after that, another dialog box appeared, typing out what the caller was saying. In this case, it was clearly an automated message, but I knew instantly that I didn’t need to continue with the call and I hung up. Additionally, I noticed on the screen that there were additional options to report the call as Spam, I could have google ask the customer for more information or I could even take over the call myself. I’ll be the first to admit that this may not be a revolutionary feature. I’m sure google has been doing this for awhile, but this was the first time I'd seen this on any phone I've used in recent memory. 


I know this doesn't solve the problem of spam or telemarketer calls but what Google has done is make dealing with the reality of them a lot easier. No longer do I have to decline the call and wait to see if a voicemail is left, but rather I can learn quickly if the caller is someone I want to talk when I don’t recognize the number. It’s little features like this that make me realize just how awesome the Pixel 3a is. 

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Sprint Product Ambassador

Thanks GeekGeoff for sharing this interesting feature and wished it was available on my phone. Many of us receive these annoying calls and this feature is one of the advantages of Pixel 3a....


Thanks again!