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Pixel 3a Portrait mode - can Google deliver without the hardware

Sprint Product Ambassador

Since Google revamped their device lineup from Nexus to Pixel, they have been touting the use of AI in the line up, especially around the camera features. Since new devices have started to add so many lenses, people are now using them to create a blur effect to their pictures called the bokeh effect. Before the Pixel, every other phone either had to have a DSLR hardware on their phone, or they had to use at least 2 lenses to differentiate the distances and to blur out the background around the subject.


Google wasn't having it. They decided to use AI in their phones to take a picture using one lens and allow the user to adjust the bokeh effect and focus more around subject. Take a look at these 2 samples, one from Pixel 3a and one from S10+

00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190722130341871_COVER~2.jpgPixel 3a



As you can see on the images above, the 3a zoomed in the subject and then allowed me to blur the area around it. On the S10+ the app did not zoom in and used at least 2 of its lenses to provide the similar effect. Both do a great job, so why would you choose the Pixel? It's cost, plain and simple.


I will be sharing more camera comparisons soon. Thanks for reading.