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Pixel Camera, Light or Not its Good

Sprint Product Ambassador

With a new device comes a new series of posts on quick thoughts and tips on the latest and greatest.   Fortune smiles as I was selected to the Ambassador Team for the Pixel 3a XL, a device series I’ve long wanted to test drive but never quite had the opportunity to grab the steering wheel on.   For background and writing context I’ve historically been a Samsung Note user which currently I’m on the Note 8.   If memory serves me correctly, which often it does not, I’m on my 4th generation of the series.   Long history and long loyalty to the Notes should tell you something about what I’m getting ready to say; I love the Pixel.  I mean it, I really like this device and my only regret is I didn’t get to one sooner.  With my full-fledged endorsement out on the table I’m going to publish a series of posts that look at the device features that afford this critically acclaimed status.    Let’s start with the camera shall we.


Point and Shoot

Prior to owning a Pixel my discussions with others who did always seem to revolve around the camera.   Comments largely eluded to its ease of use and ability to take great pictures in low light.    My experience mirrors those sentiments, the camera is a point and shoot arrangement that automatically deals with a lot of the obstacles faced by novices like myself.    To prove this I took a screenshot of the default setting used for the pictures below:




Note there are no special selections made for light conditions, what you see is what is set straight out of the box.   This is important because the pictures below will suggest flash or other enhancements were utilized and they were not.  Promise.   


The settings.jpg


Light?  We don’t need no stinkin Light.

To show off the Pixel’s camera prowess I’ve take a couple of shots each in well-lit and low light areas.     


Well Lit

   Light Photo 1.jpgLight Photo 2.jpg           









































Low Light

 Dark Photo 1.jpgDark Photo 2.jpg

My observation from the photos:

  1. Well light opportunities provide an image opportunity with a big level of light contrast and a feel of depth and reality. 
  2. Low light doesn’t capture the same contrast but doesn’t appear low light leading to image loss, I promise you that the hallway picture is absent of any light as it is a stairwell leading to my basement basically turning night into day.  With the light available during that shot the walls are barely visible only by the gap of light you see where the floor meets the wall.        
  3. Great user experience, for both I had to do nothing to get great shots.


If you are looking for a great camera that requires no expertise give the Pixel 3a a try!


Until Next Time,

Sprint Product Ambassador Team