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Product Ambassador - Samsung Note 8 Camera is Awesome

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

Once again Samsung comes through with awesome camera quality. Over several months, I have been active on the Samsung Note 8 and traveled throughout the year to awesome countries, Italy, Thailand (twice) and throughout United States. During these travels, my spouse carried another iconic device from another brand and we both noticed the clear and crisp photos taken with my Note 8.

This is not a new realization, all my Samsung devices through my life have been far superior (to the untrained eyes) to other competitors' devices. 

The easy upload and automatic backup to my Google Drive and photos has been a life saver as I have been able to click away when the picturesque opportunities arise. 

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Sprint Leasing and Insurance

Here are some other awesome shots. The color is fantastic. 20190130_151439.jpg20190129_115958.jpg20190212_062620.jpg