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Protecting your Samsung Galaxy S8+

Sprint Product Ambassador

Lately, our beloved phone manufacturers are doing everything to make our phones, faster, better looking and crammed with features. One of these new features, or at least in Samsung's case, not so very new, is wireless charging. This feature requires the back of the body (at least for now) to be made of glass, making the phone prone to breaking easily.


Not to mention, Samsung has decided to make the edge a standard feature in the S8 lineup, meaning, you cannot buy a non-edge variant like you could last year with the S7. That makes protecting your phone a challenge, a challenge Spigen accepted!


Spigen has been my go to favorite phone case manufacturer for quite sometime. So it is no surprise I was very excited to pick Spigen as my case to protect my S8+. I picked Spigen's Rugged Armor case (Linky here). I usually dont go for rugged options but for this phone I made an exception.


The case looks pretty rugged when compared to their slim profile cases, but it is not very thick so to say. It has the rugged texture where you generally hold the phone to make it anti-slip. 



The case is very easy to put on, and it grips the device securely. Unlike some other cases I have seen (not from Spigen) the buttons are still quite responsive and it does a decent job adding a lip around the edge of the device.


The only thing, that I do not like about this case (and not sure if it applies to other Spigen cases for this device) is that the space for the fingerprint sensor is very limited and hence it does not read it quickly. I have to make sure my finger is in the right spot always, which is cumbersome. I wish Spigen would address this in future models.


That said, I am very please with this model and I hope to continue using Spigen in my future devices.

Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team