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Restoring a Moto e4 to Factory Defaults aka Hard Reset

Sprint Product Ambassador

The following is a tutorial for setting a Motorola e4 back to factory defaults manually.

WARNING: Following these steps will erase all of your data from your phone.

 First you will need to power down the Motorola e4 by holding down the power key until the device powers off

e4 front.jpg

Next hold the volume down button then press the power button and release them both when moto e4 starts to turn back on.

e4 hardrest.jpg

Now use the the volume up down button to get to "Recovery Mode" then the power button to select it.

e4 hardrest1.jpg

When you see the Android press and hold the power key and while still holding it press and release the power button.

e4 hardrest2.jpg

Us the volume button to highlight "wipe data/ factory reset"

e4 hardrest3.jpg

Use the volume button to highlight "yes-delete all user data" then use the power button to select it

e4 hardrest4.jpg

Now select "reboot system"

I trust you read the warning at the top. It has been completely erased!






Big shot out to for providing the steps

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