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S10+ from Samsung, another device in history

Sprint Product Ambassador

Every year when I get a new Samsung device, I start similarly talking about what changed, and what is Samsung up to yada yada yada. So this time wont be any different.


This year, Samsung tried to break some barriers from their previous generation of devices (and from an industry standpoint). Since 2016 or 2017, the smart phone industry was facing 2 (but not limited to) key challenges from a functionality and aesthetics standpoint and these 2 challenges are tied together.


In the pursuit of having a border less screen, you had to remove the home button that housed the finger print reader, and you had to find a new home for the front facing camera and other sensors that are usually on the top middle part of the phone. Samsung, along with many others, did away with the bottom home button and moved the fingerprint reader to the back below the cameras. For the top however, Samsung kept the slight border to house its sensors. Others created the so called industry black sheep "the notch" where the sensors and cameras were in the middle surrounded by parts of the screen. you will find people from both camps online To Notch or Not to Notch.


As you can see, Samsung has been in the Not to Notch camp, but there isnt really a viable solution to make beat both of these challenges.... until NOW!


The Galaxy S10 and S10+ have, for the most part, solved these problems. They were finally able to embedded an ultrasonic fingerprint reader in the bottom part of the screen. On the top, they did away with some of the sensors, and moved the 2 camera lenses to the side inside the screen with a cutout. So now, we have a border less screen... Ba dum thus!




So - we have established that Samsung is trying hard to break the barriers and hopefully have set an amazing precedence, if not successfully solved them. I believe its a great start and they did pull off the fingerprint sensor part well. We will discuss the overall device and other aspects another time.


If you have not yet already, I would encourage you to go and visit a Sprint store and pick up the S10+ and see how it feels, and how these new methods look in person.


Until next time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team