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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - LAUNCH DAY Unboxing - Sprint Product Ambassadors.

Sprint Product Ambassador

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!  The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus launch on Sprint TODAY, 8/23!!  It’s time to unbox this bad boy and get it up and running to become my new powerhouse for all of my needs!!


Today, 8/23, is the launch date of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus that we’ve all been waiting for!  First, I need to start this by saying damn, this phone is gorgeous, sleek, and downright amazing even just coming out of the box!  Samsung has stepped it up, yet again, and I cannot wait to put this device to work more and more every day! 



Alright, here’s my unboxing video! I was extremely excited to receive this device and couldn’t wait to get home from work to pull it out of the box and capture a video.



In the box:

Always pull everything out of the box and check out the contents, always!  In the box you’ll find the Galaxy Note 10 Plus handset, USB C charging block, USB C to USB C charging data cable (about 3 feet long), USB C AKG Headphones, and some in-box materials. 


Design – initial impressions

Samsung spent significant time on the design, which is evident upon pulling this device out of the box. 


Immediate disclaimer: The Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus, like the GS10/10+ before it, has a pre-installed screen protector.  Before you replace it, make sure you find one that is compatible with the Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor!


The screen extends to the edges and then some. It’s bright, clean, clear, and simply perfect.  The device is truly nearly bezel-less, lending to the true Samsung Cinematic Infinity Display experience.

The back glass is B.E.A.Utiful, truly.  I received the Silver version (see photos below), and the color simply shines. The rainbow light effect on the rear is an eye-grabber for sure.  I’ve already had numerous people ask me which device it is and compliment the beautiful back glass colors.

There are now only two buttons!  The power key has been merged into the Bixby key, making the only physical buttons located on the left side of the handset.  The Bixby button now functions as both power and Bixby, reducing the buttons necessary to operate the handset.  This piece may take some getting used to, but it’s pretty easy after a bit.


  • To turn the device screen off, simply tap the Bixby/Power key once
  • To power the phone on, long press the Bixby/Power Key
  • To power the phone off, press the volume down and long press the Bixby/Power key
  • To capture the screen, short press the volume down key and Bixby/Power key (Or simply swipe your hand across the screen from left to right/right to left like previous models!)
  • To use Bixby, long press the Bixby/Power key

I’m in awe with the initial design of the handset.  The 3.5MM headset jack has been removed, which may be a bummer for some people, USB C has remained consistent, it’s thinner, feels lighter, and shines. 


Camera arrays

The front-facing camera has been moved to the upper-center of the handset screen, making it less obtrusive.  I came to love the options for wallpapers on my GS10+ using the unique camera placement on the screen, and I cannot wait to see what options become available on the Note 10 Plus!


The rear cameras are now vertical instead of horizontal.  On the Note 9, the fingerprint sensor was on the rear of the handset, leading to smudged camera lens and blurry shots. This issue is fixed with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor and the placement of the new camera array on the rear of the device!



This phone is simply amazing, and I am excited to continue using it and blogging about it as often as possible.


If you’re in the market for a new handset or were holding out for the Note 10 or Note 10 Plus, I highly recommend the Note 10 Plus even after about 24 hours of use.  It’s proven to be a note-able (ha!) replacement to the Note 9 and the GS10/10+ series of handsets. There’s plenty more to come, so I hope you follow me on the journey!


Go pick up yours today --

For a limited time, get the Note10 for 50% with Sprint Flex Lease, or get the Note10+ for just $26.04/mo with Sprint Flex Lease!!  Visit or head to a local Sprint Store for additional details/restrictions and start getting your game on with the Note 10 and/or Note 10+.  No need to wait until the holidays, surprise your friend/family member with a Note 10/10+ today by taking advantage of this offer.


If you visit a Sprint Store to pick up your new device, be sure to take advantage of Device Onboarding provided by the In-Store Technicians in select locations! Simply find a Repair store via the link to get your phone up and running even faster


Finally, because this phone is beautiful, think, and covered in glass, it’s prone to damage.  I highly recommend a case option, which you can pick up in a store or at along with your device.  For the ultimate protection and unlimited photo backup plus a slew of additional features, be sure to add Sprint Complete to you Note 10/10+ handset!  You will be covered from life’s oops moments and receive numerous additional features to help make your connected life easy.


Which device did are you getting?  If you’ve already received it, what are your initial impressions?


Image from iOS (3).jpgbruhImage from iOS.jpggorgeousImage from iOS (4).jpgnearly bezel-less!


Sprint Product Ambassador

Great video!

Sprint Product Ambassador

@OKCRyan - Thank you!  It could have been much better, but it was 11 PM after a long day of leadership meetings and I couldn't wait to both use it and make a video! Smiley LOL