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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Dual Messenger - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey Everyone!


Have you ever found yourself needing a duplicate social application on your device to support personal/work? The Galaxy Note 8 might just have an answer for you on that!


Today I look at Dual Messenger and its features on the Galaxy Note 8.


Dual Messenger

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a feature called Dual Messenger. You might see this occasionally as you install a social application that supports it on the Note 8. When you install one of these apps, such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc., the device will prompt you to turn on Dual Messenger. It can also be accessed via Settings > Advanced Features > Dual Messenger.


Dual Messenger allows you to install two versions of the same supported application on the device. For example, you can have two Facebook applications, two Snapchats, two Facebook Messengers, two WhatsApps, etc. This allows you to simultaneously use the app under two logins for whatever you might need it for. I know many people who use Facebook Messenger or Snapchat as a personal and business account, and this feature can help save time juggling between the two accounts.


When Dual Messenger is turned on for an application, it’s easy to know which one is the duplicate, as there is an orange icon in the lower-right of the application at all times.


Screenshot_20180127-053844.jpgList of some applications that support Dual MessengerScreenshot_20180127-053902.jpgOrange icon indicating Dual Messenger active


Three ways to access

 There are three ways to access and enable Dual Messenger.


  1. At the time of installation of an application that supports the feature, the phone will take you to the Dual Messenger settings of the device to turn the feature on
  2. Navigating to Settings > Advanced Features > Dual Messenger
  3. Long-Pressing on a social application and clicking “Install Second App”
    1. This only shows if the application is supported


Here’s an example of that long-press option:




As you can see, balancing between two applications with different logins can be a breeze with the Note 8!  Perhaps you’re a social media superstar with 100,000 Snapchat followers, but your personal life is kept entirely separate – This solution is for you!  Whatever the reason you need Dual Messenger, this feature will likely come in handy for you.




Good luck using the Dual Messenger app, and leave a note below if you use this app on the regular. What do you use it for? Do you wish other device supported this?




As always, thank you for stopping by to read this!  




Troy Glidden

Service & Repair Process Improvement Manager

Portland, OR area

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