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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Crystal Shell: Strong Enough to Handle Halloween

Sprint Product Ambassador

And no, we weren’t worried about it getting lost or eating too much candy, but we were worried about how it would fare with its multiple jobs that day, and a very clumsy owner.


Now the Note 8 Fact Sheet states the following two strength facts:

  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistance - Peace of mind to take phone anywhere
  • Gorilla Glass 5

And the Crystal Shell Case states the following:

  • Pronounced buttons and corner guards ensure tactile responsiveness with maximum comfort
  • Flexible bumper with engineered corner guards to handle impacts

What did that mean for me? Well it survived being dropped multiple times (I stopped counting after I dropped it the 3rd time). Evidently, trying to be on my phone, open the door, pass out the candy and keep the dog from licking trick or treaters was too much for my hands.  But not a scratch after!


The other aspect of the Galaxy Note 8 that was a lifesaver for Halloween was the Dual Instance feature. That meant that I could check emails and messages at the same time. I could take pictures and have Google Maps open at the same time (new neighborhood). I was able to keep tabs on what my kids were up to and be at my house at the same time.  I loved being able to multitask like that!


What have you liked about the Dual Screen? Have you found the phone to be strong?

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Community Manager

Looks like you have some naughty squirrels! I'm so impressed with the screens on these new devices, but my heart still stops every time my hand slips.