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Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors and Speculations!

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Let’s cut to the chase. You know there is a Samsung Galaxy S10 coming. I know it’s coming. We can smell it like something the Rock is cooking. We can feel it in the air tonight. Samsung has teased us with a sideways “10” and told us to mark our calendars for February 20th. That’s less than two weeks away from the full reveal, so what better to do than dive into the rumor mill while we wait? Nothing. Nothing is the answer. Let’s get to it and go straight in with the big-ticket items.


We are hearing rumors of at least 3 or possibly 4 different models of the S10. For the 3 core models we’re looking at a “Lite” or “E” branded model as the entry-level device with a 5.8-inch screen, your standard S10 model with a 6.1-inch screen, and then a 6.4-inch screen on the S10 Plus to round out the pack. Lastly, there is also some chatter of a 6.7-inch screen 5G equipped S10+ which is being cleverly referred to like the S10 5G. There isn’t a ton of information out on the 5G device, but it appears to be mostly in line with all of the S10+ specs if not a little beefier and releasing after the rest of its siblings. These phones are rumored to be released in ceramic black, a blueish green, and a pearl white, with a canary yellow being exclusive to the S10e. It’s likely not all of these colors will see every market.


So what are you getting with all these models? Let’s start at the front of the phone with the screens. First off, Sammy is giving you more screen space (:whispers: “it’s free real estate”). That’s right, Samsung has decided that notches or camera/sensor bars are out and pinhole style cameras are in for 2019. The S10e and S10 will be rocking a single front-facing pinhole camera in the top right of the device while the S10+ will up the ante to a dual-camera cutout. That extra camera on the Plus is likely to be used for depth sensing. The S10e is likely to have a flat screen while the other models will have a curved edge-to-edge screen that won’t be quite as pronounced as the previous generations. Android Authority has scrubbed various rumor mills and put together a comprehensive list of what these phones will look like, so take a peek at them yourself!


On the back of the S10e you can anticipate your standard 2 camera setup with the larger models picking up an additional lens to be included in the horizontal camera bar. It's all but been confirmed by XDA Developers saying that we’ll see a rival version of Google’s “Night Sight” feature to help get better shots out of low-light situations in the new S10 devices. We’re also expecting 4K video at 60FPS as well 4K HDR recording.


You’ll notice that the phones will feel a little bare under each model’s camera bar where that friendly little indent for a fingerprint scanner used to live. That’s right, Sam Mobile is telling us that Samsung threw that bad boy in the trash and is rumored to be including a fingerprint sensor built into the screen with the S10 and S10+ while the S10e gets a scanner baked into the side button.


Each model is slated to continue to use USB-C and case leaks are showing a headphone jack so that you can continue to dunk on all the fruit-based phone dongle lovers. We're also looking to get some reverse charging capability with the S10 and S10+ as laid out by Sam Mobile. This will let you siphon off some of your battery power to wirelessly charge other devices.


Under the hood, we’re hearing that Sammy is going to be throwing at least 8GB of RAM into these devices with base storage of 128GB and potentially up to 1TB of storage on the Plus model. The S10’s are also looking to utilize the recently announced Snapdragon 855 chipset in North America, while the rest of the world will likely be using Samsung’s Exynos 9820. TomsGuide has shared some benchmarks for each chip if you’re into that kind of thing. As for the OS? It sounds like we’re getting Android Pie out of the gate along with the One UI.


So let’s recap all the things we might be seeing soon.

  • 3 screen sizes
  • In screen front-facing pinhole/dual cameras
  • More cameras on the back (for S10 and S10+ only)
  • Improved low-light photography
  • In-screen fingerprint sensor (for S10 and S10+ only)
  • USB-C and headphone jack stay
  • Larger storage options

So, out of these rumors, what jumps out at you the most? Anything you could do without? Anything else you’d like to see jammed into these devices? Let us know in the comments section below!


**For this article we primarily used the following articles from 9to5google, sammobile, tomsguide, and androidauthority as reference points.**

1 Comment

The camera upgrades are always welcome but the in screen fingerprint sensor is the thing I am most looking forward to. I use that feature a lot and the current sensor is a little awkward though I have gotten used to it.  Of course the color options, can't wait to see what they look like in person!  


I have to say though, I might change my model of getting the phone this time around. As a Galaxy Forever customer I've pre-ordered the new model every year as soon as I could and as a result ended up missing out on all the freebies they offered after release.