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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active - SOS Mode - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey Everyone!


Personal safety and security is critical within society. We have security cameras, theft-deterrent devices, and other alarms to safeguard ourselves and our property from others. The Galaxy S8 Active, along with many other Samsung devices, offer a similar personal safety and security option that I believe is an important feature to keep turned on at all times – especially for parents who give smartphones to their children.


Today’s blog is about SOS Mode on the Samsung GS8 Active and how to set it up


SOS Mode

My oldest daughter is nine years old, and recently began walking to and from school. Although we only live about a quarter mile from the school, I am always concerned about her safety and security on her walk. Although I wish this wasn’t necessary, it is the reality that we must live with. As such, I want options that help take the worry out of the equation.


SOS mode on the Samsung GS8 Active, which is also available on numerous other Samsung models, helps reduce my worry. SOS Mode allows the user of the phone to “call” for help should the need arise by quickly tapping the power button in quick succession three times. SOS mode will send a text message to up to four desired contacts with a text message with link to coordinates on Google Maps, a photo from the rear camera, a photo from the front-facing camera, and a 5-second audio recording (These can be customized if desired).  This quickly sends to the contacts to that they can be notified of a potential safety issue.


Here’s an example of what the text/picture messages look like when sent:

Screenshot_20180127-070343.jpgSOS mode messages 


Setting it up

SOS mode is a breeze to set up on the GS8 Active. Simply navigate to Settings > Advanced Features > Send SOS Messages > Turn it to ON and go through the prompts.


You will need to accept the terms and conditions and select up to four contacts to send SOS messages to. If you don’t have a contact saved, you can add one at this time. You can customize what is sent in an SOS message by enabling or disabling the “attach pictures” and “attach audio recording” options.


Once you’ve set it up, you’re ready to press the power button three times in rapid succession. Once this occurs, the device vibrates subtly to indicate the mode has been enabled and a pop-up displays in the notification tray. The recipients selected will begin receiving what was sent as part of the SOS.


It’s worth noting here that enabling the feature may cause some accidental triggers of SOS messages if you tend to click the power button as a habit. I would highly recommend quitting that habit if you enable SOS mode, or at least be prepared to send text messages to your friends/family in your distribution to let them know all is good.





I know, planning for the worst-case scenario is never fun or positive, yet it is a reality we must all face. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and enable the SOS mode on their device. It just might help save someone from a risky situation.


As always, thank you for stopping by to read this!  



Troy Glidden

Service & Repair Manager

Portland, OR area

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