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Samsung Galaxy S8+ - My first impressions

Sprint Product Ambassador

Another year, another Samsung launch. So what is so cool about this one? I am glad you asked... or maybe I asked... anywho


Samsung has taken a very aggressive path towards phone design since they ditched plastic with the S6 2 years ago. What I have noticed is that Samsung has consistently made tweaks and changes to their design to make it more appealing to the public. Besides the usual HW upgrades and tweaks, Samsung has done a great job on the UI front as well, knows as TouchWiz. We will dive into a lot of these shortly, but lets start with the customary list.


What has changed for the better?

  • The screen. Every time Samsung updates their device, they make a significant change to their screen. They went to a whopping 6.2" in a body that barely bigger than the older S7
  • The TouchWiz has been updated with several front and back end tweaks that really make the device more user friendly. Also Samsung finally chose to push similar tweaks back to some older devices
  • They kept the 3.5mm audio port. Yay!
  • Edge screens are now a standard feature
  • Fast Wireless Charging is also supported
  • IRIS unlocking is also available

The only main gripe I would have about this device is the fingerprint scanner is now next to the camera. With the size of the S8+, it takes a while to get used to how high it is for one handed operation. I think LG got that figured out a long time ago!


Until next time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team