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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Photo Fun + Options - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

A few of us Sprint Product Ambassadors have posted some good blogs on the awesome camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. (Check them out here and here.) I decided to walk around the Sprint World Headquarters campus in Overland Park, KS, to test out some of the fun and diverse capabilities of the Galaxy S9 Plus camera and video recording app options.


Before I go further, I want to apologize and offer up a disclaimer: I am embedding some of the videos that I took with my Galaxy S9 Plus via YouTube. Through the process of uploading and editing the videos, there is clearly lost sharpness and smoothness to the videos. The compression used by our Community host platform combined with YouTube's compression codec has made for less than sharp, less than smooth video performance, especially when you consider the massive amount of pixels being captured by the Galaxy S9 Plus's digital sensors. I cannot stress enough how sharp and clear the "native" video is when viewed on the beautiful Galaxy Super AMOLED screen. 


With that let's take a look at some fun camera options...


First things first: The camera on your Galaxy S9 Plus (and Galaxy S9) has more option modes than "meet the eye." But you have to enable them before you can use them. Likewise, you can disable certain picture modes to reduce camera option "clutter."


Open the camera app (to take a picture) > Click on the "gear" icon to open camera app settings.




Scroll down to Edit camera modes and click.



Choose Front Camera or Rear Camera to edit the camera modes. 


Front_Camera_Options.jpg   Rear_Camera_Options.jpg


You can enable the modes that sound interesting and deselect the modes you think you won't use to make navigating the camera options easier and faster. I chose to enable SLOW MOTION on Rear Camera so as to be able to record "normal" slow motion action shots, as well as keeping SUPER SLOW-MO for those awe-inspiring motion shots. 


So let's check out some of the different modes...


First I took a short video of a waterfall in normal movie mode for reference.


Wouldn't it super-cool to slow that water down and take a close look at how it falls? Voila! SUPER SLOW-MO! One thing to note - When I chose SUPER SLOW-MO the camera automatically used the "X2 zoom" lens, which puts my "view" really close. I did not see where or how to use the normal lens, so I assume the SUPER SLOW-MO mode is compatible with the X2 lens only. 


Link to waterfall video.


Let's check out a different waterfall with a clear "sheet" of water. The SUPER SLOW-MO mode is really cool!


Link to waterfall video


It's worth noting that SUPER SLOW-MO mode has two options for triggering the slow-mo effect; automatic and manual. When you choose automatic mode, you get a box displayed on the screen with instructions that state SUPER SLOW-MO mode will automatically trigger when motion in the box is detected. I found the auto motion detect to be...less than accurate. The first SUPER SLOW-MO video was created using manual SUPER SLOW-MO and the second video (water sheet) was created using automatic mode (which is why is starts and stops three times).




Next I chose to video using HYPERLAPSE mode, which is the same as time-lapse video. The camera captures a frame every 12 seconds and then stitches the frames together at a rate of 24fps to make a full motion video. This mode is really cool for capturing slow moving scenes like sundown, moon phases, or the passing of a ship on the horizon. The video below was created by me standing (as still as possible) for 72 seconds, which produced a 6 second video. I recommend using a tripod or camera mount for the best quality HYPERLAPSE videos.


Similar but opposite to the SUPER SLOW-MO mode; I could only video in HYPERLAPSE mode using the "X1" rear camera lens.


Link to waterfall video.



From within the standard video mode, HYPERLAPSE mode or "normal" SLOW MOTION mode you can convert any video into a ani-GIF file. From the Gallery, view the video and then click the GIF icon below.





You can select any 1 - 6 second span of video to make your custom ani-GIF. Use the slider to move the GIF selection back and forth to find the right clip.


Let's move onto some camera still shot fun.


Check out LIVE FOCUS! LIVE FOCUS is essentially a "bokeh" photo mode. With LIVE FOCUS you can blur out the objects within a picture that you want to de-emphasize, which draws the eye toward the main object in the clear. And with Samsung's innovative LIVE FOCUS mode you are in total control.


With LIVE FOCUS you can blur what is in the background, or you can blur the foreground. You can select the level and "depth" of blur while taking the picture, and also in edit mode from within the Gallery app.


live-focus-backblur.jpg   live-focus-frontblur.jpg 


The last camera mode that I'l touch on today is AR EMOJI. With AR EMOJI you can make fun, animated GIF Emojis of yourself! It all starts with the front-facing selfie camera and some imagination. I encourage you to make your own AR EMOJI and explore the myriad stickers, frames and options. Get creative. Have fun. Make it your own!




That's it for today! I hope you're having fun with your Galaxy S9 Plus or Galaxy S9. Make sure you check out all the fun camera modes. I'd love to see what you can come up with, so please post a comment and add a favorite, fun photo.


Until next time,


~Ninja CJ


-- Sprint Product Ambassador and Sprint employee --

All opinions and views are my own. But I'm usually pretty funny and totally on point because I'm humorous and a smart guy, not just a pretty face.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Cool AR Emoji!  

Sprint Product Ambassador

Well done.... thanks for the write up!