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Samsung Note 10+ - Full Video Production -- Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

So, with the Note 10+, can you shoot, edit, title, add transitions, subtitles, color grade and publish an entire video using nothing but the phone?  It's sure a good challenge, and one I took up this afternoon. Using nothing but the pre installed software on the Note 10+ (Camera, Video Editor) and one aftermarket bit (Photoshop) (Which after I used it, I realized I could have done another still with a caption), I created a complete video with titles, transitions, moving stills (the so-called 'Ken Burns' effect), sub-titles, background music and an exit title.  Take a look:


Note - you can only put one sub-title on a clip, so they work best on *short* stills. You can't make a running open-captioned video, changing the text as the subject speaks. You also cannot duck the background audio; you get one level set for the whole video.  Background audio does not support lossless compression FLAC files; I didn't have any MP3 or M4A lossy compressed audio files to test with. So I used one of their default audio tracks; pretty nice guitar piece.


SO, the answer is - a resounding YES, the Note 10+ can shoot, edit, compose and deliver a complete video with nothing but the included tools.  Download a few extra apps and you'll be in film maker land!


Thanks for checking this out,


Will England




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