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Samsung S8 ACTIVE - Best way to swap to your NEW device

Sprint Product Ambassador

Samsung S8 ACTIVE - Best way to swap to your NEW device





Samsung wants users to have the best experience possible so its no surprise they have included a few extras with their packaging to do just that. Samsung has included optional adapters including a USB female to USB-C adapter and a Micro USB to USB-C adapter. They know users are coming from other various devices and want to provide ways to migrate your data and information over to your brand new Samsung. One of the many options includes using Samsung Smart switch application.


Smart switch enables users to easily transfer content from their Android, iOS, Blackberry, and yes even windows mobile if still out there. Transfer contacts, messages, photos and videos to even your music. It moves all your calendar dates and events and even your applications. Smart switch can be setup to operate in multiple ways.


With Smart switch users have 3 ways to move all their content over. Choose from transferring wirelessly, directly with a USB cable between devices or import data via external SD card or USB storage device. 





When performed wirelessly you must select whether to receive or send information.Obviously in this case we want to receive. Once selected you will be given options to advise from which device you are coming from (iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile).


  1. iOS when selected will prompt to access your Apple iCloud to gather your data and install it.
  2. With Android the other device must download and install the Samsungs Smart switch application from the Google Playstore and enable it to send data. Enter the pin number seen on your new Samsung device and follow the steps for the transfer.
  3. Blackberry needs to also download and install the Samsung smart switch application. The user would tap connect on the Blackberry and select the network and enter the password shown on the Samsung S8 device. 
  4. Windows Mobile would follow the same path as the Blackberry user. Download and install the application click connect and connect to the network and enter supplied password the Samsung device is showing. 


USB Cable Transfer


Content can be transferred directly between the devices utilizing the included adapter. on the older device users must have installed the smart switch application. The device must be set for transferring media files and not (charge only). Next follow the prompts to choose and install your content from your old device to your new Samsung.


External Storage Transfer



Insert a Micro SD card with the content you want to transfer or connect your included USB cable to the storage device or computer and move your content over to your phone. 


*Note some data may not be transferred, depending on the manufacturer and OS version of the device. content with DRM (digital Rights Management) applied cannot be transferred to smart switch. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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