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Samsung S9+ Dual Speakers Plus Dolby Atmos

Sprint Product Ambassador

A few years ago, a little smartphone maker changed the way we listened to music on our phones. That company, known as HTC, started to have dual speakers in its phones way before it was cool. 3 years later, we see all other manufacturers catching up, by not only adding a secondary speaker, but also put sounds as an important feature of their devices.


With that context in mind, Samsung finally decided to make sounds as important as they have made their screen/displays. With the S9+, you get an amazing sound experience. You get stereo speakers that are tuned by AKG (by Harman) and are Dolby Atmos certified. SO when you are streaming your favorite Netflix action flick or listening to Pandora/Spotify, I promise you, the sound will blow you away!


Give it a try and hear it for yourself. Although, as a side note, I am not sure how much Dolby Atmos would really matter at this size, but hey, I hope Dolby labs knows what they are doing


Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team