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Samsung S9+ Should we bother?

Sprint Product Ambassador

The short answer is YES we should! Now lets get into the long answer.


Every year, we are now accustomed to seeing major breakthroughs or design changes on our flagship devices. So when a manufacturer makes an incremental update with little physical changes, some of us immediately reject that device. 


That is what is happening to the S9. Physically, on the outside, the device looks very much like its S8 parents. But its whats underneath that matters!


So what did Samsung bring to the table with the new S9's? Lets dive in:

  • Dual camera (finally!) for better portrait mode shots
  • Variable aperture on the rear cameras, this allows the user to take better low light pictures
  • Fingerprint reader below the camera, which is a bit more central and more convinient
  • Hardware updates - better/faster processor and more RAM
  • ARmoji - more on this later
  • Super Slow motion video recording from 240 to 960 frames per sec - thats huge
  • Video recording 4K@60 fps
  • Dual/Stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos technology (FINALLY!)
  • Many UI changes with Samsung Experience 9

The above list is just the MAJOR upgrades one can see right off the bat, or read up about them on the online. My favorite among all of them is the super slow-motion video recording. I will do a separate blog on that one soon.


So back to the question, should we bother buying the S9 or S9+? My answer is yes. Especially if you take a lot of pictures. This camera is really fast and takes amazingly clear pictures with various options to choose from. After taking pictures and video from this phone, it is really hard for me to use any other phone, including my old Samsung Note 8 for these functions.


Until next time


Your Product Ambassador Team