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Samsung S9+ now with AR Emoji - what is this?

Sprint Product Ambassador

So Samsung launched the S9/S9+ with so many new features, including this new thing called AR emoji - what the heck is this thing?


Samsung is trying to create a new way for users to communicate in the digital world. They created a feature called AR emoji, which is emojis that look more like a digital copy of... you!


You start by turning on the camera app, switching to selfie camera and then choosing the AR Emoji mode. The follow the instructions from the app where it will study your face to create a digital face for you. That's not all, once its done, the camera can follow your face movements. You can also customize your look by changing your hair, clothes, color, the whole nine yards. Here take a look:

AR Emoji1.JPGOnce you finish the setup it creates a bunch of stickers like below:

AR Emoji2.JPG

The phone saves these in your gallery so you can use them for your messaging app


My personal experience with these is that it does not work very well with men who have facial hair (like myself). Other then that, with a recent update, you can now have characters from Disney like Incredibles or Mickey/Minnie and create similar stickers or create unique facial expressions of yourself.


Until next time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team