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Screen Recording on the One Plus 7 Pro 5G

Sprint Product Ambassador

The One Plus 7 Pro 5G offers a powerful screen recorder built in, eliminating the need for third party tools.  Lets take a look at some of the features and functions in the screen recorder.




Swipe down twice from the top to show all of the shortcuts and choose 'Screen Recorder'.  This brings up a small floating box with a red circle (record now), gears (this screen) and an 'X' for exit.


Looking at the settings you see it records by default at the full resolution of the screen - most excellent.

It records at 16 Mb/sec, a fantastic high bitrate to capture all the detail in your game, demo or more.

The Audio can be set to use no audio, only internal phone audio - the sounds from the game, app or program you are recoring, or it can be set to record from the microphone, picking up all the external audio around you. Good for demos!

You can, while screen recording, have a small white dot show where you are touching the screen, as well as force orientation to portrait (good for demos) or landscape (good for games and movies).

Screen recording can also be paused when the screen is off, so you aren't wasting memory when you have to click the phone off to talk with someone else F2F.  Enough typing - lets check out the screen recorder with the external mic!



And the video, using two different video screen capture tools, and a bit of magic in DaVinci Reslove editor!


Enjoy your OnePlus!


- Will England




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