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Some additional features I like on the GPad F2 8.0

Sprint Product Ambassador

Multitasking has become a very useful feature in Android and LG G Pad F2 8.0 comes equipped with the Multi-Window feature so you can easily split your screen between 2 apps at once. When you have both apps open that you want, just click the ‘square’ at the bottom of your screen and then the ‘box over box’ icon that shows up on apps that are compatible with the multi-window feature. You could also just pick the app from your open apps list and drag it up to the top of the screen to activate multi-window.

Also a feature called ‘Capture Plus’ is included by LG which allows you to draw on any screen, easily take a screen shot and more. Best feature for opening up maps and marking spots!Capture.png



I know I've mentioned the relatively small size, but it's also very light weight. I brought the tablet to Miami with me in a backpack and didn't even notice it was there.  

I watched 2 movies on the plane with the screen on Max brightness and still had 30% battery life too. 



Have questions about the GPad F2 8.0? Let me know!




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