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Spigen Case for the Galaxy S8+ does the job well - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

It is ALWAYS difficult to wrap up a handset in a protective case.  Handsets have become so elegant in their ergonomic feel as well as the design and materials that they use, that they can also be very delicate to handle.  In the end, I want a super phone that looks and feels GREAT, but that won’t snap, crackle, or pop when it’s sitting in my pocket.

So now, the task is to look for a good case that will protect my hardware investment, but that will also protect the aesthetic integrity of the design of the handset.

Enter Spigen.

I have enjoyed Spigen’s products for years, and with this handset, they have solidified their rank in my list of accessory vendors which are ‘best in market’.  Obviously with this handset, there are a few challenges that will limit any case manufacturer’s ability to completely protect the handset:

  • The long body
  • Curved screen edges
  • Thin handset design

However, Spigen has done ENOUGH to protect your investment without that bulky, Otterbox feel.  Please note that I’m not knocking Otterbox, because they are also in my “best in class” shortlist, but they are fundamentally different from Spigen in the way they protect, as well as their aesthetic product.  Quite honestly, it comes down to personal preference, and I PREFER the Spigen approach, which I see as sleek, elegant utility that preserves the OEM aesthetic design with a minimalist approach to device protection.

Does it feel as sturdy as Otterbox?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Do I feel like my S8+ is safe wth the Spigen on it?  ABSOLUTELY YES.

IMG-20170720-WA0006.jpgWith Spigen caseIMG-20170720-WA0004.jpgNo caseYou can see in the attached pictures how the device looks with and without the Spigen case.  But really, the proof is in the pudding, and my handset has survived multiple drops (accidental, not intentional… I don’t have that kind of budget) from your standard drop initiation points:





    Shallow gym shorts pocket
    1. At the gym
    2. Getting out of the car
    3. Standing up at the dinner table
  • Butterfingers as I pull the phone out of my pocket
  • Being pulled off the table by a charging cable that dangles in the way of someone walking by

Survived all of these without a scratch, on hardwood, asphault, concrete, padded gym floor, linoleum, and ceramic tile.

Each time, even though the device landed more violently sometimes than others, not a single crack, scratch, or even hiccup in performance.  My device looks more used because of the smudges than because of any other physical trauma I could cause. 

Overall, I would highly recommend the Spigen case, especially if you like a slimmer, less intrusive look and feel.  It may not be as sturdy a feel as the Otterbox, but so far, for me personally, it’s done more than enough to protect my handset.