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Sprint Product Ambassador: Google Pixel 3a First Impressions

Sprint Product Ambassador

Activating the Google Pixel 3A might have been the easiest phone swap I have ever done.  I followed the instructions for iPhone to Pixel.  First on my iPhone I turned off Wi-Fi Assist and Volte, and made sure all my stuff was backed up on the Cloud. Then I started the SIM-free set up on the Pixel. Got it connected to Wi-Fi, logged onto on the Pixel, chose the line I wanted to activate, and after verification used the Quick Switch Adapter and USB cord to copy everything else! So easy!


The Google Pixel 3A is a nice looking phone too. It’s light, 147 g,  but mighty. Strong too – I’ve dropped it 4 times and it hasn’t broken either (unlike my LG V50 ThinQ ha-ha, I have slippery hands what can I say).  So far too, I am overwhelmed with the power of the battery and the size of the storage. The battery is a  3000 mAh battery and it lasted like a whole day before even getting to 20%. And it charges fast too! And it has 64GB storage.


Finally – A nice tip is that Google has LOTS of help available: So even though this is my first Google phone, I feel like I can figure out things quickly.


Lots to discover with the Pixel, can’t wait!