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Sprint Product Ambassador: LG Dynasty - It's The Little Things.

Sprint Product Ambassador

When changing to a new device, it is indeed the little things that make things easier. I remember the days when one had to reload applications, reload passwords and even reload contact #'s. And sharing pictures or text messages? Never!


Now, with the LG Mobile Switch application, switching is simple. 

1) Go to the Management Folder and choose LG Mobile Switch. 


2) Choose which method you want to transfer. 


3) Choose if the phone will send or receive the transfer. 


4) Then open the application and start transferring! 



I was up and running in mere minutes. I did have a few things I had to reload (non standard applications), but I could text my contacts right away and check email and get my social media fix after logging in. 


But there are 2 important "little" things I want to bring up: 


1) It transferred (without me telling it to) the hours that I want "Do Not Disturb" on. How cool was that? Especially, since I would have forgotten. 


2) I can't talk about "little things" without of course bringing up the size. Coming from some bigger phone, it's almost weird to have such a little phone.

It's Size is: 5.70" (H) x 2.83" (W) x .32" (D) and it's weight is 4.94 oz. 

That's almost 3 oz lighter than my last few phones, and shorter for sure.


But so far it hasn't felt much less powerful. (But next week I'll be putting it through the Camera ringer). 

What are your thoughts about the LG Dynasty so far?