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Sprint Product Ambassador: Moto Tricks are Our Treats!

Sprint Product Ambassador

I love how different phones have different features that make them special and unique (like Apple’s Siri, or Samsung’s fast charging).  Well the Moto e4 has two such features that just tickled me pink, and they both help this multi-taskers world.


The first is the Split Screen feature. This is great! I can check my calendar against my emails all on 1 screen? I can catch up on Facebook and read the news at the same time! And it is so easy to set up too: From the recent apps list, touch and hold an app and then drag it to the top of the screen to view two apps at once. Note though: Not all apps will work in split screen (though I haven’t found a combo that hasn’t).


The 2nd feature that has made my multi-tasking life easier has been the “Night Display” (also known as “Adaptive Brightness”). Your phone automatically adjusts the screen brightness when you’re in bright or dark places. But you can set your own brightness level instead: Swipe the status bar down with two fingers, and drag the slider to set brightness level. Note: Setting brightness to a high level decreases your phone’s battery life. To maximize battery life, swipe up > Settings > Display > Adaptive brightness to let your phone automatically adjust brightness for the available light (and to make sure that it is in a “blue light” for night time – which means this reading my phone at bedtime won’t keep me up!).


So if you are like me and want to work so hard, this phone will help you! (And help you also not work too hard).


Have you found other Moto Features that have been fun? Let me know!