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Sprint Product Ambassador Moto Z3 Play Usability: Twist for Action

Sprint Product Ambassador

Twisting, it is an easy and natural motion right?   You open doors with it, twist off bottle caps using it, you have watched Uma Thurman and John Travolta use it in a really cool scene in Pulp Fiction.   What if I told you that you could use the twist for yet another reason?  Would it change your life?  Dang right it would.   Expect nothing else from the folks at Moto to employ it as an alternative solution to quick activation of your device's camera.  Quick camera access features are nothing new to devices, some have dedicated buttons while other use tapping sequences or toggling.  Some are good, like the Note's double tap, but there is something unique about Moto's solution.  Everyone has those special moments that they want to capture a pic quickly;  a child streaking across the living room or a friend after a night of being well served.  Moto put your new friend the twist to action and gave it a job, and the twist accepted. 


Twist. . . Camera . . .  Action

The path to having the twist activation feature for your camera is a simple toggled setting.   First go open the Moto app and then head over to the feature tab.  There you will see the impressive list of features categorized by Actions, Display, and Voice.  Punch into the Actions category and scroll a little more than half way down the list, there you will find the "Twist for quick capture".   Visual Aid:



Menu Screen.jpgLet's do the twist, come on baby. . . 






















Flip the toggle on and get twisting.    A quick additional tip that I thought was a cool extension of the twist motion, if you find yourself wanting to switch from the back to the front camera for that all important selfie simply twist again and magic happens. 


See I told you, just changed your life. . .  Folks there are a ton of great tips and tricks out in the Sprint Community site ensuring you get the most out of your electronic baby, invest some time and take advantage!   


Until Next Time, 

The Product Ambassador Team