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Sprint Product Ambassador Moto Z3 Usability: A Big Button

Sprint Product Ambassador


The Button to End all Buttons

As mentioned in my prior posts Motorola does a great job with their Moto app to help you get a ton of usability out of their device.   The app, which is graphically friendly and very usable, takes you through several options and suggestions to optimize your experience.  Optimized experience equals happy camper.  To button or not to button, that is the question.  Let's be honest our current lifestyles have us running to and fro, multi-tasking like mad so we can cram as much menial tasks into our lives as possible.   How are we expected to stop, use multiple buttons to simply engage our smartphones to inundate ourselves with social media?  In all seriousness we live a frantic life so any hack we can employ adds real value.  The one button navigation is a simple graphic solution that I'm surprised isn't mocked more widely across Android devices.  The button behaves in four simple actions; tap, swipe left, swipe right, and hold.   Each action has a distinct function with the left/right swipes having assignable commands.   

     Tap-   Home Button

     Swipes-   one direction represent the back function, the other is recent apps drawer

     Hold-  Launch Google Assistant


First toggle the setting via the following menu selection in the Moto App:




As with the other options featured within the app their is a "learn more" to get a tutorial, and in this case the option to assign the swipe actions.




one button tutorial final.jpgCustomize your swipe

So turn on singularity and live with it for a while.   I would gamble that you would wonder how you managed any other way.


Until Next Time,

Product Ambassador Team