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Sprint Product Ambassador Moto Z3 Usability: Chop Chop

Sprint Product Ambassador

 Close your eyes and picture the scene. . .   There you are in the woods, I don't know why you are there but humor me, fog rolling along the forest floor and it is completely dark.   You hear a twig snap in the distance, a deer?  A bear?  A jabberwocky?  (full disclosure I have limited knowledge what a jabberwocky is capable of so the magnitude of your calamity may vary)   No flashlight of course but you have your smartphone, like all good city folk randomly walking around the woods.  In that moment of panic do you want to have to pull down your notification tray, find your flashlight icon, switch it on, and pray that whatever made the noise is slower than your grandmother?  Of course not.   Here is a really cool little motion based feature that allows you to turn on/off your flashlight quickly so you can ward off that deer.  (I'm giving you the best option, the other two wild creatures will simply use the light to locate and eat you)    Ok I've saturated this article with enough humor, let's talk about the chop chop.



I'm giving Motorola a ton of kudos for the user experience that they include in the UI overlay to Android.  Thus far features rendered complement Android extremely well and don't come across as non-value add bloatware.    There will be a few posts that I'll offer up that stem out of their pre-installed Moto app which I'm going to suggest you invest time in exploring.   The application does a really good job of packing phone features into a user friendly experience to get the most out of your device.   


With our chop chop in mind upon entering the Moto app you will navigate to the following menu selection you will want to toggle on:

 chop chop menu final.jpgthe setting

 Really that is all you need to do as chop chop is rather self explanatory but in the event that you need a tutorial one is at hand.   Select the learn more option and you will get a visual depiction of the chop in action:

chop in action.jpg


Further investigating the show me how option toward the bottom of the screen takes you through a affirming tutorial process complete with your very own "You did it" message when you display a successful chop.   Consider yourself educated.


No longer will you fumble for life saving light, chop chop on. . . chop chop off.   Another great feature to a very solid device that I'm truly enjoying.   More posts to come on other features and prolonged fictional scenarios!


Until Next Time,

Product Ambassador Team