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Sprint Product Ambassador: Moto Z3 Usability

Sprint Product Ambassador

Usability Entry #1-  Access at your finger. . . or thumb tip.

Employment of finger print scanners to unlock devices is not a new concept in and of itself but Moto did create differentiation in their experience by their design.   Rather than have the finger print scanner mounted on the front or back sides of the device they opted for a side profile location that, in my opinion, is much more logically located for easy single hand access.   In the following picture you will find my fat thumb easily reaching the print scanner location, found just below the volume rocker where most phones locate their power buttons:       

Fat Thumb.jpg

Here is a pic of the hardware to drive further clarification around the location:


Yes it is easy to reach but is it actually usable?   Good question because I, like you, have been disappointed by previous devices where scanners simply don't live up to the task.  Good news though with the Z3 play, even though I come with a rather critical point of view this device's scanner works extremely well.   It has not been completely error free but if I'm being honest the issues only arise when I'm being lazy or hap-hazard with my thumb placement.   With the device in hand and thumb placed reasonably on the scanner the device lights right up.   


Usability Opinion-  The only device that I've left the finger print scanner as my choice for unlock, and as an Ambassador I've had a lot of examples with this feature over the years.   Easy to use, makes device access very convenient, in the end very value add. 


Catch up with you next time as I continue to post on unique or value add features of the Moto Z3 Play.   Several other great posts on the device from the Product Ambassador community, explore the forum so you can get the most out of your device! 


Until Next Time, 

Sprint Product Ambassadors