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Sprint Product Ambassador: Moto e4 on the Move!

Sprint Product Ambassador

I usually don’t take a new phone on a test drive so quickly after I get it, but we had a weekend booked away visiting friends in Kalamazoo, so I not only got to test Sprint Service – but also how the camera would fare capturing vacation memories.


First  - the service. As you can see below Sprint Coverage is pretty solid for both Voice and Data – I didn’t drop any calls and was actually able to use the internet even when we were out in the country at a Medieval fest (check out the photo of my little fairy I was able to Instagram right away down below!). I wasn’t able to hook up to the hotel Wifi from my phone, but didn’t seem to feel like the service slowed down for me. I was able to map things quickly, pull up menus for restaurants, and even text and IM last minute plans with my friends.



But the real star was the camera. If you read my blogs you know I don’t have an actual camera, so I need my phone camera to be good enough to capture the moments of my life.

The specs of this camera are:

rear camera: 8 MP, 71° lens, Autofocus, Single LED flash, Burst mode, Panorama, HDR
front camera, 5 MP, 74° lens, Fixed focus, Single LED flash, Burst mode, Panorama, HDR
Pretty good for a mid-range device like this!
But what does this mean in real life?

Well I mentioned the photo of my girl, but also check the detail on some flowers in downtown Kalamazoo and the details of my cat.


I’ll have the opportunity to test the video this weekend at an outdoor fest – looking forward to that.


Thanks Moto e4 for making my road trip a success!