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Sprint Product Ambassador: "Growing Up"

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

Ok, I must admit, this is probably one of my favorite advertisements. I have such high affection to advertisements and have for my entire life. However, it is rare that I enjoy the advertisements of late. But this one, Wow. Well done Samsung. I recently moved to the new Samsung Note 8 device on the Sprint network and am excited to have my large screen and stylus back. I have been and Android user for years and in fact I heard MANY times the same line that is said at 0:17 in this advertisement. My response, "yep and I love it". Jokes on all the rest of you now. As all handsets are clamoring for larger screens, I continue to love mine.

If you haven't tried Android, check out the new Samsung Note 8. And even more, check it on the sprint website where you can get a "Clean Slate" to switch