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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Galaxy Note 10+ - The Ultimate Gaming Device

Sprint Product Ambassador

The Note 10 and 10+ have awesome displays, easily the best I've ever seen, and they are coupled with a super fast CPU. This combo gives smooth frame rates (not skippy) at any resolution I've set it to, in any game I've tried.  True, it might get a little warm when pushed, but I've never seen the video on this skip, pause, jerk, or otherwise glitch.


I've been playing Hill Climb Racing 2 a lot lately, on a variety of devices.  This isn't the most intense game graphics-wise as it is basically a physics-based side-scroller, but I've still seen it skip on other phones.  Without going into too much detail on the game play, you need to have precise control of your vehicle, particularly after a jump, so that you can land it correctly to keep your momentum going.  hcr2.pngA bad jump or a bad landing can lose a race.  I've had difficulty seeing exactly where my vehicle is in the air on lesser devices because it can be jerky, and then I lose races.  Conversely, the Note 10+ is so perfectly smooth, even on the highest frame rate and highest resolution, that I actually win many more races.  I find that I enjoy games more when played on this phone.  The Note 10+ actually can make you a better gamer.


I took it to the test with other games.  Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch has relatively simple graphics, but when you have maxed out your theme park size and filled it with rides and coasters, there is just too much kinetic energy going on for some phones.  I usually have best luck lowering the resolution to 1080x720 on most phones and tablets, but again, this just isn't necessary on the Note 10+.  Nothing can bog this down.


Of course, I'm just a casual gamer; some folks play games such as League of Legends professionally. The League of Legends World Championship is held every year where gamers compete for a one million dollar prize.  league-of-legends.jpgSome of these gamers have contracts and endorsement deals just like professional athletes, and the average salary is over $320,000 per year.  Now, if I were Tiger Woods, I could afford and would insist on buying the best gear, because the price of the best clubs would be completely offset by the advantages they would give me.  Likewise, if I were a pro League of Legends player, I'd insist on a Note 10+.


Here's a couple of more reasons this is a perfect gaming device; first, despite have a huge bright beautiful screen, it's narrow thin and light, and comfortably fits any pair of hands.  Second, the battery is huge.  That 3800 MAh battery means that I would get through any gaming session with power to spare.


One other thing, even though I don't this necessarily affects game play, the speakers already sound great, but the Dolby Atmos game mode makes them sound huge and far apart.  It's like a ventriloquist the way the games sounds come places in space that aren't anywhere near the phone itself.  Cool trick!


I'm not Tiger Woods, and don't have any use for expensive clubs.  Believe me, they wouldn't help me at all; but after using the Note 10+ for a while, I couldn't consider anything else for games because it is so perfect that I really do get an advantage.