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Sprint Product Ambassadors: How to remap the Bixby button to Google on the Galaxy S10+

Sprint Product Ambassador


A friend of mine has this joke he likes to tell about having Siri start a conversation with Alexa, and that's how you get cylons.  Samsung had a virtual assistant for years called S Voice, and it was pretty good, but it was replaced by Bixby a few years ago.  People I've talked to are divided into two camps when it comes to Bixby; they either love it, or they've never used it (him?).  When Galaxy phones first came with a dedicated Bixby button, people immediately wanted to remap it to Google because that was the virtual assistant they were most familiar with.  The cool thing about the S10+ is you can have both Bixby and Google respond to your voice without touching the button, and even if the screen is off and locked.  Just say, "OK Google" or "Hi Bixby".  Just don't say "Hi Bixby" when Google assistant is

To set up two assistants, open Bibxy, then click on the three dots in the top-right corner.



Screenshot_20190415-163309_Bixby Voice.jpgYou should see this:Screenshot_20190415-163305_Bixby Voice.jpg













Screenshot_20190415-163300_Bixby Voice.jpgNow, click on the settings for the Bixby Key.


Finally, set Bixby to open after double clicking the key instead of the default single press (see below).  Finally, the two virtual assistants can live in peace, although I do actually have Alexa on this as well...


Screenshot_20190415-163331_Bixby Voice.jpg

Sprint Product Ambassador

Nice touch and write up Mike.... I like the Hi Bixby!

Sprint Product Ambassador

VERY useful.  I had a little issue finding the Bixby Key settings from within the actual Bixby app, but I was able to find it and make the change easily from the Settings options for the phone itself.  Thanks for the heads up!


I like the Hi Bixby!