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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Samsung Galaxy S10+ Camera Preview

Sprint Product Ambassador

I'll be doing a more thorough review of the many cameras on the Galaxy S10+ in the coming weeks, but wanted to share some first impressions.  It's no surprise that the cameras are excellent, since it's a Samsung, and great cameras have always been their thing.  There are two on the front, and three on the back.  The back cameras have an ultra-wide angle, a wide angle, and a normal lens.  Most phones only have the wide angle lens.  The Normal is best for portraits.


The shots below are just some quick shots while walking around; nothing carefully composed or thought out.  All were shot as JPEG, not RAW, and no manual controls were used.  I will get into manual controls and RAW in the comings weeks.  I'm impressed immediately with the automatic exposure being so accurate.  I did have Auto-HDR on, and really don't know if it was actually used or not, but suspect it came into play with the photo of the alligator sunning on a trail, as it was in harsh morning light, but I still see a lot of details in the shadows.


It's still early days, but I'm really excited to put this through its paces.  I can tell already this is going to be fun!





Sprint Product Ambassador

Mike - The pictures shown are stellar and seems like out of an add or magazine. I am looking forward in seeing what more the camera can do. 

Sprint Product Ambassador

Amazing pix.  I just started a Flipboard magazine, and I think pix from this handset will look great on there.  Thanks for posting!