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Stylo 3 - The Final Wrap

Sprint Product Ambassador

30 days in with the Stylo 3. Does it still hold up?


Stylo4.jpgI’ve been using the LG Stylo 3 for a little over a month now and the question I get time and again is how has it held up? In a word: Fantastic. This phone is quite possibly one of the best mid-range phones I have ever used. I have to admit that when I started using this phone I didn’t really have any expectations but after 30+ days of use, I’m walking away impressed with what LG has accomplished here.



Performance is one of the Stylo 3’s strong points. For the past 30 days that I have been using it, I never experienced any lag, freezing, or other performance issues. I frequently use my phone for watching videos and while i’m not a heavy smartphone gamer (I do play an inordinate amount of Dots and Co), i found both to be smooth experiences. Videos and games loaded fast, ran well and i didn't experience any glitches or crashing while using them.



If there is one part of the Stylo 3 that disappointed me, it was the camera. Sporting a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera, i found the camera to be slightly underwhelming. While it comes with the standard array of features, modes and “instagram” like filters, I found these couldn’t make up for the lack of picture quality because the phone did not have an autofocus function. I know the phone is a mid-range device and I wasn’t expecting it to be on par with an iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8, but it would have been nice to see LG put a little more into the camera, especially when other aspects of the phone exceeded expectations.


Battery life

Battery life of the Stylo 3 far exceeded my expectations. I found that I could get through most days on a single charge. This was handy since the phone lacks fast charging capability. As I mentioned earlier, I like to play games and watch a lot of videos. I also surf on the internet, manage email and spend time on various social media apps quite frequently through the day. The Stylo 3’s battery was more than up to the task.



The Stylo 3 has a 5.7 inch 720p HD screen. While it would have been nice to see LG bump the screen up to 1080p, I honestly did not see a huge difference. The screen produced vivid colors, nice contrasts and excellent detail. So while it’s not full HD, you honestly won’t be disappointed. As for the speaker, LG decided to locate it on the back of the phone. I’ve always found this to be a curious decision given how we watch videos and play games. As long as you aren’t covering up the speaker, I found audio to be clear and output levels to be good.


Stylus Pen

Stylo5.jpgFor the Stylo 3, LG looked to improve upon last year’s model and they succeeded. I initially expected the stylus pen to be little more than a gimmick but I found this to be the opposite after having spent some time with it. Several features come integrated into the pen including QuickMemo+, Pop Memo, Capture+ and Pop Scanner. While all of these features are useful, I found the Pop Scanner, which lets you take a picture of an object from any angle and converts it into a flat image, to be one of the more interesting features. I have to say I was honestly surprised how much there was to the Stylus pen and I hope LG continues to develop these features with the next generation Stylo.



The Stylo 3 comes equipped with Android 7.0 Nougat. Considering the fact that the phone is more of budget friendly device, loading the latest version of Android was a really nice touch. On top of that, LG’s own graphical user interface is kept to a minimum in favor of a more minimal stock android feel. On the flip side, the phone comes with 16GB of onboard storage. This can be supplemented by adding a MicroSD card but honestly, its 2017, haven’t phones outgrown 16GB? I don’t tend to download an excessive amount of apps and downloading MP3’s is so 2005, so i didn’t run into any issues with the memory but LG should look to upgrade the memory allotment for the next Stylo.


Final impressions

Stylo1.jpgI have to admit, i've been a bit spoiled over the years having premium phones like the Galaxy Note 4 and I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Stylo 3. I had read a lot of intriguing things leading up to it’s release, but even with all that I was blown away by just how good this phone is, especially when you consider the fact that it is a mid-range device. LG put a lot of effort into making this a budget level phone but making it feel anything but that.


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The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love phones. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and want to tell you what they think about them. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these phones. The information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint.