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The Infamous Fingerprint Reader work around for the Note 10+

Sprint Product Ambassador

You have heard the news.

You have seen the articles.

The fingerprint readers on the Note 10+ have been challenging users’ patience.  There IS a pretty simple workaround as Samsung regroups to correct the issue.


If you were looking for a lightning-fast way to open your phone using biometrics, what better way is there than your own unique mug (aka face).  From a security perspective, each mode comes with its own challenges, but at its root, the facial recognition to unlock your phone is VERY quick. 

You can use this IN CONJUNCTION WITH your fingerprint reader.  This will allow you to find the exact spot to place your finger or thumb to scan your prints, but will also open or unlock the device if you don’t get the placement exactly correct.

I have used this solution on both the Samsung Galaxy S 10+ as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and my results with unlocking have increased dramatically.  The only caveat is that facial recognition has not yet been fully enabled to unlock apps that use secure financial or personal data that can be unlocked via fingerprint.

Hopefully, this will help you unlock your phone more quickly as you personalize your device further.


Disclaimer: Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that loves technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee.