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The Note 8 favorite features

Sprint Product Ambassador

As my test drive continues I have come up with a few favorite features and I would like to share and discuss them and why they make the Samsung Note 8 great. 



S Pen

Although having an S Pen and nest to store it in is not new to Note devices there are a few new tricks that continue to make the S pen a favorite feature. The most improved upgrade that comes with the S pen for the Note 8 is the screen off mode. The screen off mode allows you to double tap on screen and begin a memo you then it will stay on the display for a short time. That is an improvement I would recommend to Samsung give users the capability to adjust the time the memo stays on the display. The other new great thing with s pen is the live message feature. This feature helps you to customize and create animated gifs allowing you to write out and send the creation directly from there. There is a bit better sensitivity to use which makes for easier and quicker functioning. Last thing which was added on a previois generation but is still worth writing about is the s pens ability to translate. Simply double tap screen to enable air command, choose translate and hover over word or phase you want translated and you are also able to hear a pronunciation. The other s pen features are still great and available but haven't changed much since the Note 5 version. 



The edge pull out tab

This is a fun second place in my favorite features list. Again this isn't the first time Samsung has brought the pull out edge tab into a phone but it is new to the Note family and this time they are allowing the app pairing feature. This will allow you to group together apps you often use together link them and pin them for use in the edge tab. The magic happens once it's saved swipe open edge click on the linked apps you created and it will open them simultaneously in split screen mode.


There are many other great features such at photo and double camera which you can read about in my previous post and keep a look out for upcoming blogs to see new findings I am sharing about.